Ditch Clearance

Chiselborough Ditch Clearance Project

Chiselborough Parish Council have successfully secured a grant of £6,000 to clear the ditches around the upper section of East Street from the Somerset County Council Flood Mitigation Fund.  This one off grant is to ensure efficient and effective management of the surface water, in order to protect the properties of East Street and beyond.  Here is a selection of pictures to see the project progress.

Ditch Clearance 2015

These images show the development of the project from pre cut through to completion.  The images will generally cycle from the lower part of East Street up to the bend as the road bears right at the bottom of Coombe Field. Chiselborough Parish Council wish to express thanks to the Landowners for their co-operation, Somerset County Council for their kind approval of the Flood Mitigation Grant and Dave Creed and Sons for their professional and efficient work.